FREE PHS Workshops in Dance, Music and Theatre


FREE WORKSHOPS with Industry Professionals in
Dance, Theatre, and Music
Save the date. May 14th.
To join please RSVP with name and workshop of interest to:

“Shrek the Musical” – learn material from this Broadway production
Time: 1-3 pm
Review for parents: Starts at 2:45 pm
Presented by: Kelly Kuhnen, Georgia Wadsworth & Dianna Graham

This workshop will teach participants music and dance to the song “Let Your Freak Flag Fly” from “Shrek: The Musical” that celebrates uniqueness and individuality.

Acting Workshop
Being Present: Engaging Your Cast and Your Audience
Time: 3-4 pm
Review for parents: Starts at 3:45 pm
Presented by: Kris Jennings

This workshop is a fun, visceral class that allows performers of all skill levels to jump right in to the deep end of the acting pool.  Using techniques taught by theatre practitioners from Shakespeare’s Globe in London, we will focus on using each and the audience to create a short and engaging performance.

Ballet Barre
Time: 1-1:45 pm
Review for parents: starts at 1:45 pm
Presented by: Deryll Yeager

This workshop will focus on the technical aspects of ballet,

Thriller from Odyssey
Time: 2-2:45 pm
Review for parents” starts at 2:45 pm
Presented by: Deryll Yeager and Odyssey Dance company members

During this workshop students will learn choreography and performance technique as they work from Odyssey’s hit dance production “Thriller.”

Listening & Communicating to Improve Performance
Time: 1 pm
Presented by: Aaron Anderson and Brandon Kitterman of Fictionist

Plotting a Career in the Music Industry: High School, College, and Beyond
Time: 2 pm
Presented by: award-winning producer and educator, Caleb Chapman

The Future of Music Technology is Now
Time: 3 pm
Presented by: Nate Pyfer, producer and songwriter with Neon Trees, Imagine Dragons, the Moth & the Flame, Kaskade, and more.