Tara Allen, PHS Teacher of the Month

Tara Allen has been nominated as our teacher of the month. Tara teaches social studies here at Pioneer High School. This is her second year with the school: “I love teaching here!” Learn more about Tara below.

Tara’s Interest:
Teaching! I am also interested in: science fiction, watching movies, reading books, painting, cooking, eating, traveling, writing etc.

Tara’s Hobbies:
In my spare time I label maps of the world and psychoanalyze my roommates 🙂

Tara’s favorite aspect(s) about PHS?
I love the student body here at PHS, I love that all the students are so creative!

Tara’s Aspirations:
I aspire to be a well traveled, trilingual, happy human being.

Congratulations to Tara for being our teacher of the month and for all of her hard work to inspire the students at PHS.