Pioneer High School for the Performing Arts (PHS) was founded to provide a choice for students and parents that have a passion for the arts. We believe that children should have the opportunity to receive an educational experience that aligns with their interests and abilities and have access to world-class instruction that prepares them for post-secondary and professional opportunities.

Our team of faculty and staff members have been carefully selected because of their reputations for excellence, professional experience in the performing arts, and their academic depth. We provide an exceptional academic and arts education experience that cannot be matched in the public school environment.

Some of the benefits that students enjoy as performing arts students at PHS include:

  • Instructed by world-class performing faculty members for real-world insight
  • Ability to develop academically in an environment that mutually challenges a passion for the performing arts
  • Flexibility to take academic classes in a traditional classroom or online environment
  • Leveled performing arts classes tailored to the skill level of students
  • Accelerated learning environment enabling students to take college level classes resulting in college credit

A performing arts charter school developing critical thinking and skills needed to prepare for post high school studies.

Instruction in academics and the performing arts in facilities that promote excellence in studies and talent development.

Unparalleled instruction that connects academia and the arts in a way the deepens and enriches the development of mind and talent.