Miss Carol Gregory, Language Arts & Debate Teacher

I have been with Pioneer High School since our doors opened in 2012, and many of our returning families will recognize me from the Tutoring Lab and the Front Office as the Registrar. I am excited to be returning to the English Classroom this year as the Regular English Teacher for 9th Grade and 11th Grade, and the 12 Grade Speech/Debate Class, and the 12 Grade Creative Writing Classes (both online and on-site). I started teaching Communication Arts 7 years ago, and it is my passion to help students improve their reading and writing literacy skills. I also have a background in Performing Arts, and love to connect with and support our students in their Craft.

Mr. Michael Mitchell, Honors Language Arts & Philosophy & Literature

Mike Mitchell has taught high school English and humanities for seven years, and he is a Ph.D. candidate. In addition to teaching literature, Mike has a great love for philosophy. He has published a paper on the works of C.S. Lewis, and has written extensively on Lewis and G.K. Chesterton. This is Mike’s second year teaching at PHS, and he thoroughly enjoys his work interacting with students in the classroom, teaching writing, and challenging students to consider new ideas, and consider old ideas in new ways.

Ms. Alyssa Brown, Science Teacher

Welcome parents and students! I am one of the science teachers at Pioneer High School. I will be teaching biology and chemistry this year and I am very excited. This is my second year at this amazing school and I love it. I know you will love it too. I earned a masters degree in microbiology at BYU. I worked in cancer research for several years and have recently decided to share my love of science with students through teaching.

Miss Tara Allen, Social Sciences Teacher

Hello! My name is Tara Allen and I teach social studies here at Pioneer High School. This is my second year with the school and I love teaching here! I teach a variety of classes both online and on-site. I graduated from Southern Utah University in 2013 in History Education. I love reading, traveling, and learning new things. I am excited to teach this year, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me!

Mr. David White, Science

Born in SLC, Grew up in Granger, UT, Wendover, UT, Texas, So. California.  In high school active in sports, music, drama, photography and scouting.  Attended BYU during the week and worked at KCC during weekends.  LDS Mission So. California and Arizona, Joined Utah ANG became NCOIC of Flight Medicine and traveled the world in support of flying personnel.  Married Norma Lyn Jones from Heron Montana (best life event), Majored in Science (Biology, Chemistry, Ecology, minored in music, western history and education, earning B.S. and M.S BYU.  Earned PhD University at Wisconsin-Madison in Limnology and Entomology.  Taught Science  in Jr. High, High School and College for 40+ years including 18 years at West H.S. SLC teaching Science and CTE Health/Human Anatomy to 7-12 graders (regular, AP, IB,).  Hobbies are: enjoying grand kids, writing Science Fiction, gardening, travel, reading current research in Science and Health, collecting and playing odd flutes, singing in church choirs and collecting good clean humor.

Mr. Nate Lovelady, Math 2, Math 3, Precalculus, and A.P. Statistics

This is Nate Lovelady’s first year at Pioneer. He teaches the Math 2, Math 3, Precalculus, and A.P. Statistics classes. He went to Utah State University, and his degree is in Physics Teaching and Mathematics Education. Some things he enjoys are frolfing, playing board games, reading books, and eating Chinese food. One of his goals is to show students who think they don’t like math that it’s actually pretty cool!

Mr. Mike Holmes, Math Faculty

Mr. Mike Holmes grew up in Salt Lake County (he might be a Ute fan).  He graduated from Utah Valley University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business/Marketing Education which includes computer technology, marketing, accounting and economics.  He is currently working on a Master’s degree in Math education as well. When not at school he enjoys spending time with his family and fixing just about anything. He is excited about the opportunity to work with the great students at Pioneer.