Mr. Gil Jarvie, Principal

Mr. Jarvie has superb management skills and experience with charter schools. He helped establish Franklin Discovery Academy in Vineyard, Utah. He oversaw building construction, recruited students, and managed curriculum for that K-6 school. As Executive Director there, he supervised more than 500 students and more than 100 staff members. Mr. Jarvie earned a B.S. in Business Management and an M.B.A. from Brigham Young University. He brings decades’ of managerial experience; a deep commitment to education, students, and teachers; familiarity with charter schools in Utah; and most important, a proactive, solution-oriented approach informed by both organizational and human needs.

Mrs. Jeanette Perez, School Counselor

Our new School Counselor, Mrs. Perez, moved from California three years ago to Utah.  She obtained her Bachelor’s degree from Cal State Channel Islands in Sociology and a Master’s degree from Azusa Pacific University in School Counseling.  Previously, she worked as a Substance Abuse Prevention Counselor and helped many patients develop tools to prevent relapse.  Mrs. Perez is very passionate in helping others and is looking forward to helping all students at Pioneer High School.  In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, baking and being outdoors. Mrs. Perez is very excited to join the faculty and staff at Pioneer to help all students be successful at school and for the future. 

Mrs. Michelle Castillo, Performing Arts Secretary & Activities Director

Mrs. Michelle Castillo was born and raised in Southern California.  While living in Los Angeles, she worked as a customer service manager and transitioned into the film industry where she worked closely with talent on sets for movies and commercials.  She moved to Utah 15 years ago with her husband and two children.  While in Utah, she has worked as an operations manager for Albertsons and then Fresh Market where she managed the entire state of Utah.  After working in the food industry for 10 years, she found herself back in the film industry in Utah.  Her two sons are in the performing arts as dancers in the industry.  Her youngest who is now a senior in the dance academy at Pioneer High School has brought Michelle to our school as a secretary and activities director. She still works on small projects in film and continues to be an avid supporter of the arts.  Michelle loves traveling and being involved with the PHS activities such as student council and yearbook committee.